Mickoski on Solidarity tax: It is a smuggling law with which the SDSM/DUI Government hits the pockets of loyal citizens who regularly pay taxes at the expense of those who don’t


A smuggling law that aims to make those who are loyal and pay taxes and obligations to the state pay more, while protecting those who are not loyal citizens to Macedonia and who have not paid their obligations and taxes to the state, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, asked what is his position on the solidarity tax that the Government led by SDS and DUI will push with a so-called EU flag fast-track procedure.
The opposition leader pointed out that the solidarity tax is only an additional tax on the pockets of loyal citizens who regularly fulfill their obligations and pay tax, at the expense of those who do not, giving an example that his friend on Plasticharska Street paid and not only did he not get a fiscal check for the purchased product, but also paid in euros.

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