Mickoski on the Ilovica mine: Another DUI-SDSM business deal, the minister’s show of support for the protests is an utmost hypocrisy


During Saturday’s visit to Demir Hisar, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, asked about the protests against the mines in Strumica, stressed that everyone should know that this was nothing more than an ordinary government business deal, above all DUI, which are part of this project and SDSM which implements their orders.
“This represents a clear business deal for the coalition partners. There is DUI, which is already entering into this deal with ownership, and naturally there is also the smaller coalition partner, the scoundrels from SDSM, who kneel before DUI’s orders. DUI orders, SDSM supports and follows those orders. This is approximately how the government in Macedonia functions today and as long as the government in Macedonia functions like this, Macedonia will go backwards, including what you said today, the dissatisfaction of the citizens in the region of Strumica, the municipalities of Bosilovo, Novo Selo above all where these facilities are planned,” stressed Mickoski.

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