There will be judges from EU member states in the assessment mission, Geer announces


The assessment mission that Brussels sends to us to check the work of the Judicial Council will be composed of experts who have already been in these or similar bodies in EU member states. But whether her mission will be successful or not, it still depends on the domestic judges, but also on the politicians here, says EU Ambassador David Geer in an interview with MIA.
“This literally means that we send people in the same positions, that is, judges, people who have been part of the judicial councils of different EU member states, to come, see what the situation is, look at the legislation to see if there are certain weaknesses when it comes to on transparency, criminal liability, to meet with all stakeholders to see how it is implemented, and then to make recommendations that should strengthen the Council to carry out its obligation, which, as I said, is to protect the independence, integrity and professionalism of judges. Whether the mission will be successful or not is not up to it. You can have the best evaluation mission in the world with excellent recommendations, but it depends on the political will of the Government, the judges and the parties whether the judiciary will be allowed to do its job,” said Geer.

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