Government allowed a company owned by the DUI’s Destani family to take over Ilovica with no experience, says Miteva


We have serious information that the Government led by SDS and DUI have been planning the opening of the Ilovica mine for a long time. According to all the actions taken by the Government, instead of world-renowned companies for the mining and trade of metals, Ilovica should be managed by the companies of the Destani family close to DUI, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva told a press briefing on Tuesday.
“Here the question arises – who is lying to whom? The Government among themselves or as usual, the Government lies to the citizens, and on the contrary they know exactly what they are doing? This same Government, which now says it was deceived, had to give permission for Destani’s company to take over shares from DUI. According to Article 49 of the Law on Concessions, which regulates the consent process for the transfer of shares or bonds, it is stated that the transfer of shares or bonds in the subject, which individually or in total would lead to a change of the management package in the company, as well as transfer of shares or bonds that individually or in total would lead to a change in the management package in the trading company that is the founder of the concessionaire, but also in the natural person that is the owner and owns a corresponding share in the company, which directly or indirectly appears as the founder or owner of the concessionaire cannot be performed without the prior written consent of the grantor, i.e. the Government. Or to make it even clearer – in order to take over the share of the company owned by the Destani family, it had to submit a request to the Government, which has the legal option, after the same request, to respond negatively, i.e. not to allow the takeover, if it determines that the takeover will violate the purpose of which concession is granted. After the acquisition of the share and the consent received from the Government, Destani’s company was obliged by law to pay compensation to the state in the amount of 7% of the value of the concession,” Miteva said.

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