New gruesome details about Orhan Bajrami murder: They jumped over the fence and stood at a window from where they shot


The Greek police in cooperation with a team from Macedonia are looking for the killers of 39-year-old Orhan Bajrami – Oki. According to Poligiros investigators, the police are waiting for an official statement from the injured friend who was by his side at the time of the shooting.

The murder happened in the early hours on Saturday, in a tourist accommodation where Oki, his friend and three other people were staying, and they were expected to check out on Sunday, after which it is concluded that the perpetrators probably knew his schedule and were watching them.

The authorities are considering the version that the murder was attributed to settling scores or that it was the execution of a death contract.

It is known that these are two murderers who arrived at the place in a vehicle, and then jumped over the high fence and stopped at a large window from where they fired 19 bullets.

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