Mexhiti teams up with Besa and Alternativa, but also with Zejdi and Rexhepi


With the initiative for the establishment of the new movement, Izet Mexhiti received support from the Albanian opposition parties. The former member of Besa, currently an independent MP, Kastriot Rexhepi, confirmed for TV21 that he will be part and founder of a political movement headed by Mexhiti.
“I backed him during the new process, let’s say his internal political war, I will also continue to support him on his way and I will probably be one of the founders of the new political movement,” said Kastriot Rexhepi.
Another independent MP, Skender Rexhepi Zaidi, says that there is no obstacle to cooperation with Mexhiti within the framework of the new political entity.
Besa Movement confirms that it is in communication with the former member of the DUI faction.
Afrim Gashi’s party, Alternativa, says that it is time for opposition cooperation and “overcoming oneself”.

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