About EUR 167 million have been paid to Bechtel-Enka so far


Public Enterprise for State Roads of the Republic of N. Macedonia director Ejup Rustemi informed Wednesday that about 167 million euros have been paid to Bechtel-Enka so far.

According to Rustemi, geo-mechanical tests are currently being carried out, and all available capacities will be engaged for designing the routes.

“We continue with the payments to Bechtel-Enka, according to the agreement and the financial program from the Government. So far, about 167 million euros have been paid for mobilization and advance payment for corridor 8 and 10d. Geo-mechanical tests are currently being carried out on the sections Prilep – Bitola, Tetovo – Gostivar and Gostivar – Kichevo. The elaborations for expropriation are also being prepared. We will continue next week and submit a request to the Ministry of Transport for the road corridors. After receiving the approval, we will start with the expropriation,” said Rustemi.

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