Aggeler: There are more people on the blacklist, corruption not only violates trust in the judiciary, but is also a betrayal of the citizens


The US Ambassador Angela Aggeler at a press conference on Thursday says that several persons and organizations are currently being considered to be included to the United States blacklist, but at the moment it is not known who would be next. The ambassador indicated this after yesterday the USA added businessman Orce Kamchev to the so-called blacklist.

Aggeler stresses that the evidence for these persons was collected by the domestic institutions.

The abuse of office, money laundering, bribery, in which Mr. Kamchev was a part, not only violates the trust in judicial institutions, but also represents a betrayal of the citizens of this country. For North Macedonia to overcome all the challenges that are before it, as well as to speed up the EU accession, corruption must not go on like that. The responsible persons must be held accountable for their actions, Aggeler added.

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