Police officers search premises for growing cannabis for medical purposes, about 40 kilos missing


Police officers from the Criminal Police Department – Illegal Trafficking in Drugs, Firearms and Dangerous Substances, Illegal Trafficking Unit in coordination with the Negotino Police Department and members of the Commission for Evaluating the Fulfillment of Conditions in terms of Space, Equipment and Staff for Growing Cannabis for Medical Purposes at the Ministry of Health, conducted a search in the premises of two legal entities in Negotino authorized to grow cannabis for medical purposes, the Ministry of Interior informed Thursday morning.

During the search of one legal entity, it was found that about 40 kilograms of cannabis were missing from four harvests, as well as a series of irregularities with which the legal entity acted contrary to Article 62, Article 29-D, Article 29-G and Article 95-C of the Law on the Control of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.

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