Petrushevski: How did Kovachevski and Spasovski allow spying software to be created in Macedonia, what is SDS and DUI’s connection with Cytrox, why is the PPO silent?


How did Kovachevski and Spasovski allow the creation of spyware, what is the connection of SDS and DUI with Cytrox Software, why is the PPO silent? Kovachevski and Spasovski should answer how it is possible to develop spy software for years, for which NATO and the USA are against, and the government does not take any action, VMRO-DPMNE MP BranePetrushevski said at a press conference on Friday.

“It is dangerous that the software of a company that ended up on the blacklist of the United States, as confirmed by investigative journalists, has been developed for years in Macedonia. Did Kovachevski and Spasovski knowingly allow it, if we know that the company was already blacklisted on Facebook in 2021. They should answer why they did not take any action and whether they also used the services of that software and if so, for what purposes?” Petrushevski said.

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