Miteva: The concession was terminated,Destani becomes the new owner, so the Government of SDS and DUI allows the merger of the concessions


The Government led by SDS and DUI in the Ilovica case works for Destani, who is considered close to DUI, instead of for the people. The company owned by the Destani family has received permission from the Government to take shares in Euromax Resources, which holds the concession for Ilovica, although it has no experience in gold mining and refining.

The SDS and DUI government allowed Destani’s company to enter a mine that they themselves claimed would not be opened. According to the law, the government gave its consent, without which Destani could not acquire a share in the company and become the concessionaire of Ilovica, the spokesperson of opposition VMRO-DPMNE MarijaMiteva said at a press conference.

Why, if the Government was sure that there would be no mine and terminated the concession, did it even give permission for Destani to enter, Miteva asked at a press briefing on Friday.

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