Emergency medical services increased in Prilep by 60 – cases of snake bites reported


The interventions of the emergency medical service in Prilep have increased by more than 60 percent and by 20 to 30 more outpatient examinations of patients than usual, while during the weekends the interventions and calls are still more numerous and the most common patients are those with chronic diseases.

In the city in the southwestern part of the country, where the temperature hovers around 38 degrees Celsius all week, the most common interventions are among the senior group of citizens who have chronic cardiovascular, chronic respiratory diseases, increased blood pressure, asthma, chronic lung disease, etc.

But also insect and tick bites have also increased, and in the last two weeks in Prilep, five interventions of citizens bitten by snakes have been recorded. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, and three cases were transferred to clinics in Skopje.


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