Fatmir Limani: The executor of the mafia is Grubi, Ali Ahmeti’s driver is a millionaire and he lived in a house with a barn


I screened the wealth that people in DUI have, mustered up the courage and posted both Ali Ahmeti’s villa and his driver’s house. We all know what kind of house his chauffeur used to live in. It was a type of house with two floors, we used to call it a barn, two rooms upstairs, two downstairs, and downstairs were the animals. Now he has a villa and a huge yard that he has usurped, the vice-president of the Besa Movement Fatmir Limani said on Saturday.

Limani in an interview with Alfa TV’s political show pointed out that the executor of the mafia was the minister of political system and relations between communities, Artan Grubi.

“Grubi had a lot of faith during the local elections as well, but in Kichevo they won with the help of SDSM, they also had self-confidence that they would win in Tetovo, but they lost with a difference of five council seats. They base their self-confidence on the misused funds, they think that with that money they will buy the citizens, but they don’t know that the citizens are now on another higher level, they take the money but vote against it,” Limani added.

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