Macedonian head of state says he expects intensive talks on constitutional changes between ruling party and opposition


I expect in the next few months, and I stress a few months, that there will be intensive talks between the ruling party and the opposition to finally be able to convince ourselves that this is a strategic moment that we must not miss for the future of the country, Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said in relation to the announced activities in the Parliament for the opening of the Constitution.

During Sunday’s visit to Pustec Municipality in Albania, the President said he didn’t expect the opening of the Constitution to take place in August.

“The positions of the two groups in the Parliament are very clear and have not changed so far. The procedure in the Parliament will begin on Tuesday. I don’t expect the first phase of voting for the possible opening of the constitutional changes to take place in August. I expect that it will most likely be after the annual holidays, some time at the end of September. Otherwise, the entire time frame that is expected to eventually change the Constitution should formally end by November 30, while the screening is ongoing,” said the head of state.

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