The Bulgarian Parliament Bulgarianizes Ilinden as well, accuses DS


Instead of improving relations, Bulgaria with a deliberate provocation before Ilinden, the national holiday of the Macedonians, and the Macedonian state, with a resolution, wants to Bulgarianize Ilinden, the Democratic Union (DS) accused on Sunday.

“In the conditions when DUI and SDSM started a procedure for constitutional changes, in order to include Bulgarians in the Constitution of Macedonia, the Movement for Change of Kiril Petkov (the alleged democrat) proposes that the Bulgarian parliament adopt a Declaration that will declare the Ilinden Uprising as Bulgarian”, said Pavle Trajanov’s party.

According to the DS, the mentioned Declaration shows that the constitutional changes will not open the European path for Macedonia, but will be used for a more aggressive anti-Macedonian campaign, denial of the Macedonian people, language, history and culture.



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