No Macedonian nationals asked for help so far during large forest fires on Rhodes

Clouds of smoke from a forest fire rise to the sky on the island of Rhodes, Greece, Saturday, July 22, 2023. A large blaze burning on the Greek island of Rhodes for the fifth day has forced authorities to order an evacuation of four locations, including two seaside resorts. (Rhodes.Rodos via AP)

No Macedonian nationals are among the tourists who have asked for help from the Embassy in Athens after the mass evacuation of holiday resorts and villages in the eastern and southeastern part of the Greek Island of Rhodes.

  1. Macedonia’s Ambassador to Greece is in constant contact with the Macedonian Foreign Ministry and the Greek authorities, reported MIA.

The Crisis Management Unit within the Greek Foreign Ministry has been activated since Saturday, and a team from the Ministry are leaving for the island, where a Help Desk will be opened at 5 pm on Sunday at the airport of Rhodes, in cooperation with embassies, to facilitate departure from the island of foreign citizens who have lost their travel documents.

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