Pendarovski: There are only three are so far in the Open Balkans, this is a major drawback of the initiative


The Berlin Process has indisputable structural advantages in relation to the Open Balkan initiative, the main one being that all six Western Balkan countries are members of the Berlin Process, and only three are so far in the Open Balkans, and this is a major drawback of the initiative, Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said in Pustec on Sunday.

In response to a reporter’s question during Sunday’s working visit to Albania, the President expressed hope that the initiative will continue to exist.

“From the very beginning, until today, the Open Balkan was conceived to be one of the many regional initiatives. In the Western Balkans, there are over 50 regional initiatives for all these years and they serve to connect people and create conditions for better life. Open Balkan was one of those initiatives and I hope that in a certain format it will continue to exist,” said the president.


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