Lawyer Igor Milev to get EUR 2500 per month as Telekom board chair


The new representative of the Government in the Board of Directors of Makedonski Telekom, Igor Milev from SDSM, will receive a monthly allowance of 2,500 euros for the performance of the position of chair of the board from among non-executive members, the company has decided at a meeting on Monday.

“The meeting of the Company determines a new monthly compensation of the president of the Board of Directors in the net amount of 155,000 denars. Members of the Board of Directors are also Sadula Duraki, who last year had a compensation of 93,000 net, as well as Nina Angelovska with a compensation of 62,000 denars net, as much as Bardul Nasufi, Shkodrane Darlishta and Aqif Mediu received. Milev comes from Customs, where he was an advisor to the CEO,” said the company.

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