“I’ll come tomorrow and cut off your ear” –AJM demands immediate reaction to threats against Alsat-M reporter


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) demands an immediate reaction to the explicit threats directed at the journalist of Alsat-M, Rita Behadini, on her post regarding the public attitude by the imam from Saraj on Facebook.
Reporter Behadini addressed AJM on Tuesday with a report that in recent days she has been the target of threats from people with profiles on the social medium Facebook, but one that contains an explicit threat stands out.
In the post from a certain account under the name Fisnik Hoxha, the following threat is indicated: “Delete the post you wrote against the imam, your family will be ****.” Tomorrow I will come in front of Alsat, I will cut your ear off,” and it represents a direct call for physical violence against journalist Behadini, which threatens her safety, and potentially the safety of other colleagues from this media.

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