Will the government accept a referendum on the Ilovica issue?


The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi, said Monday that the Government is ready to help the citizens to vote for the Ilovica mine in a referendum, in order to hear their position regarding the mine.

“If the citizens say they don’t want a mine, we will act accordingly. I think that once there was a declaration of the citizens, only in Bosilovo. We are ready to help all citizens from the entire region vote in a referendum to say whether they want to have or not to have a mine,” said Bytyqi, asked by the media after a visit to the Seavus Company.

Regarding tomorrow’s session of the Government, at which the Minister of Economy, Fatmir Besimi, should elaborate in detail on the Ilovica case after the decision to merge the two concessions for the copper and gold deposit, Bytyqi said that he was not aware if the procedure required signing an annex.


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