Will to submit a resolution comes to those who destroyed it, sold it, yet claimed to have protected the identity, says Mickoski


Wasn’t the identity protected, now the need for such declarations? It is understood that I am saying this in the form of irony, says the VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in Bitola, when asked by to comment on the resolution in the Macedonian Parliament on the Ilinden Uprising, which was announced by the Social Democratic Union (SDSM).
“Not only did they not protect the identity, but they sold it completely and they sold it unilaterally thinking that the events that happened five years ago would happen. This time they lied and such a thing will not happen. When we proposed to make a declaration in the Parliament about Goce Delchev, then we were ridiculed by the SDSM, during that period we were ignored, rejected and so on by the SDSM. And now, as if suddenly, after several months, the will of those who claim to have protected the identity, but essentially destroyed it and sold it off, appears to give such a declaration or resolution,” added Mickoski.

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