Solidarity Tax Law is passed without proper consultation with the business, says Chamber


With this announcement, the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia and the Council of Foreign Investors indicate once again that the Law on Solidarity Tax is being adopted without proper consultation with business, despite the statements of the Minister of Finance that the law was discussed at several public hearings in which the business community was also involved.
“Confirmation of the fact that even during public hearings the remarks of the business were not taken into account is the first letter that was delivered by the Chamber to the Minister of Finance on 26.12.2022, with specific indications of the then-named Proposal for the Law on Additional Profit Tax (later renamed as the Solidarity Tax Law), in which we indicated that it is essential to define the term extra profit so that it does not happen to be taxed companies that achieved positive results based on their good performance, increased investments, improved productivity, conquest of new markets, etc.

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