EVN: Slupchane residents did not allow EVN teams to enter the village yet again


Residents of Slupchane in the Lipkovoregion once again did not allow EVN teams to work on the electricity supply network, EVN informed on Wednesday.The company says that the resistance of the locals from Slupchane continues, who did not allow the EVN teams to work today. The police were also present on the ground.

EVN also sent to the media the requests of the residents of this village, in which they ask their previous debts to be written off, which, as stated by the company, amount to several thousand euros each, and then to receive free new connections, regardless of how much they spend in in the future they should not be invoiced more than MKD 3,000, religious buildings should be exempted from payment and similar other requirements, which, EVN adds, are contrary to legal regulations.

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