Government has no answer for the disputed elements for the Ilovica mine


For weeks, Dimitar Kovachevski and Kreshnik Bekteshi have been running away from answering the most essential question – Why, if they really wanted there to be no mine in Ilovica, did they allow a company owned by the Destani family, which is considered close to DUI, to enter the ownership structure of Euromax Resources, and that at a time when dispute after a contract unilaterally terminated by the Government, with the purchase of 25% of the shares. According to the law, the Government is the one without whose permission Destani could not become part of Euromax Resources, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva told a press conference on Wednesday.

“Hence, the following few questions are legitimately asked, to which the Gvernment does not want to give an answer, because one can inevitably come to the conclusion that Kovachevski and Bekteshi tried to sneak this case far from the public eye.

Why does Destani enter a company that at the time of his entry has a disputed concession? Did he, and how did he, know that the institutions would return it, and did he know that the Government would merge those concessions a year later?”asked the opposition party spokesperson.

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