FM Osmani: There is no greater Bulgarianization than Macedonian nationals applying for Bulgarian passports


There is no greater Bulgarianization than Macedonian nationalsapplying for Bulgarian passports, claims the Macedonian Minister of Foreign AffairsBujarOsmani. In an interview with TV 21 on Tuesday evening, Osmani said that the failure to adopt the constitutional changes favors the Bulgarians in two ways.

“Not changing the Constitution favors the cause of the Bulgarian radicals in two ways. First, every day we are getting later and later in joining the EU, a group of Macedonians are getting Bulgarian passports, in order to get a Bulgarian passport you have to declare in Sofia that you are Bulgarian by origin. There is no greater Bulgarianization than taking out a passport, the number reaches 100,000, as a result of the delay of integrations. Secondly, the integration of the Bulgarians into the Constitution is formalization that it is a question of two different peoples. For the first time in the Constitution, you will have the Macedonian people as the majority and part of the Bulgarian people as the minority,”Osmaniclaims.

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