Xhaferi says vote on constitutional changes will take place only if necessary majority exists


At a media briefing Thursday clarifying the procedure of the plenary session on determining the need for constitutional amendments scheduled for August 18, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said that the debate, based on the Rules of Procedure, will last 10 working days, but that the vote does not have to be held after the list of speakers is exhausted, because, he said, “Parliament will make a decision if the necessary majority exists”.

“The plenary session regarding the initiative for constitutional amendments is scheduled for the 18th, and it generally lasts no longer than ten working days. The act of voting is not tied to the last day. This is foreseen by the Rules of Procedure and the previous practice from similar initiatives for constitutional amendments, because the Assembly decides if it has the necessary majority to decide. So, I can’t guess what will happen. Formally, the Parliament will start working on the 18th, and the act of voting, whether it will be after the end of the debate or will be postponed, depends on the specific situation of the current days,” said Speaker Xhaferi.

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