Mickoski: We are against the Government’s criminal agenda, it is not a European agenda, but an agenda for tenders and negotiations behind closed doors


Dimitar Kovachevski is right when he says that the European agenda according to the DUI coalition supported by the smaller coalition partner SDSM is completely different from the Macedonian one which is part of the real European agenda, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, during his visit to Vevchani on Friday.

“I will never be a part of that agenda which includes millions of properties of young gentlemen in the center of the capital Skopje without having a clear origin of how they acquired that property. I will never be a part of that agenda that they call European, where tenders are handed behind closed doors, citizens are robbed, where healthcare is disastrous, and patients die in corridors, where students receive their books at the end of the school year, where farmers, despite the fact that the reservoirs are full, because of the uncleaned canals they cannot get water for irrigation., etc. I will not be part of such a European agenda as promoted by the Government,” said Mickoski.

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