Kovachevski: Individuals from Slupchaane organized the riot, there are honest residents that pay for their own electricity


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski believes that not all residents of the village of Slupchane or the surrounding villages organized a rebellion against EVN, so that the defect in the electrical distribution network could not be repaired.

According to the PM, it is always about individuals who should be identified as responsible for preventing the work of the company that performs public service.

“EVN workers asked for a guarantee to be able to enter, so that certain people would not stop them, and the local government gave them those guarantees. The Ministry of the Interior is carrying out its work smoothly in the municipality of Lipkovo and work is already underway in the field. The village has a large number of honest residents who pay their own electricity, but there are individuals who want to abuse more people for their own purposes. We will not allow that,” Kovachevski said at the laying of the foundation of the new police station in the Municipality of Aerodrom.

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