Four people arrested for the attack on Levski fans in Skopje


On July 28, 2023, police officers from the Violent Crime Unit with the Skopje PD arrested four people due to violent assault committed against fans of the Bulgarian football club Levski in the Skopje neighborhood of Chair, who arbitrarily separated from the route provided by the police and headed towards the Toshe Proeski stadium in Skopje in order to attend the football match between FC Skupi and FC Levski.
“On 27.07.2023 around 18.30 in Chair, while the fans of FC Levski were moving in a Honda and a Volkswagen Passat vehicles with unfurled cheering flags and other cheering paraphernalia, a verbal argument took place, after which they got out of the vehicles and a physical fight ensued, and one of the fans of FC Levski after returning to the car, was injured with a sharp object while moving.

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