The Government’s majority is disintegrating, they will lose their heads while looking for horns


In the statements of the DUI and SDS authorities, there is a cacophony on the subject of constitutional amendments. It is the result of their desperation and nervousness, because the violent attempt contrary to the will of the people has hit their wall, VMRO-DPMNE reacted on Sunday.
To make things even funnier, in their attempts to scatter feathers, they bury themselves even more. Namely, Bujar Osmani claims that they needed 8 more MPs for a majority for constitutional amendments, and he forgets that his colleagues speculated that they needed 6 more MPs (Grubi, September 20, 2022), that they have 74 MPs (Pendarovski, November 18, 2022) and even and that they have secured a constitutional majority (Bytyqi, May 24, 2023). Their lies burst like a soap bubble. They look like they are out of tune. But when they are already making such mental excursions, they should also reconsider, because the tendencies say that from a deficit of 6, they have reached a deficit of 8 MPs, which means that what they have is falling apart,” said the largest opposition party.

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