Over half a million euros for observing public holidays and the Framework Agreement


Over half a million euros will cost the observation of public holidays and the celebration of the anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.
The Tetovo-based company Arberia Design will once again organize the anniversary of the Framework Agreement, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Political System, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister from the ranks of DUI, Artan Grubi.
The company Skopje Film Studio, on the other hand, is in charge of organizing the celebrations for the rest of the national holidays, as well as for the Open Balkans event, for which the Government will have to pay about half a million euros.
According to the contracts published at the Bureau of Public Procurement, it is about activities related to the holidays August 2 – Republic Day, Ilinden, September 8 – Independence Day, October 11 – People’s Uprising Day and December 8 – St. Clement of Ohrid. Arberia Design will have to organize the event on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement for a sum of 100 thousand euros.

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