By the constitutional amendments, the ruling majority silently introduces a bicameral Parliament, says Mickoski


Today, the top topic of those who come to Macedonia is not corruption, crime and the like, but they only talk about the constitutional amendments, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski during an interview with Alfa TV.
“I understand that Bulgarians are afraid of discrimination, lack or non-respect of human rights. But there are 14 verdicts for Macedonians in Bulgaria by the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg and zero for Bulgarians in Macedonia. If anyone should be afraid, it is the Macedonians, not the Bulgarians. According to the census, there are 762 native speakers of Bulgarian,” Mickoski said.
“Why did the essence of the amendments have to be in the Parliament now in the first phase. This is just a need to open the Constitution. Because there is a de facto bicameral Parliament with 43 MPs,” added the opposition leader.

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