120 years of Ilinden – t he Hearth of the Motherland


Macedonia marks on Wednesday the Day of the Republic – Ilinden. This year’s celebrations will be held under the slogan “120 years of Ilinden, the Hearth of the Motherland”, and the day when the First Session of ASNOM was held 79 years ago and the establishment of our statehood, a series of ceremonies were held with the participation of the state leadership.

Forty-one years after the Ilinden Uprising, in the monastery of St. ProhorPchinski near Kumanovo 115 delegates held the First session of ASNOM (Anti-Fascist Assembly of the People’s Liberation of Macedonia), at which the socio-legal position of Macedonia as an equal federal state within the DF Yugoslavia was confirmed. The session was opened by Panko Brashnarov, the oldest delegate and witness of the two Ilindens. The Presidium of ASNOM was elected, under the presidency of MetodijaAndonov-Chento.

The session adopted several documents of state-building significance, including the Decision on the introduction of the Macedonian language as an official language in the Macedonian state and the Declaration on the basic rights of man and the citizen of democratic Macedonia.

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