No better alternative for European reforms, says Pendarovski


Let us overcome our differences without delay and unite around the immediate start of negotiations, because otherwise we will lose the vital part of society – the youth, said the Macedonian President StevoPendarovski in front of the ASNOM Memorial Center in Pelince, at the ceremony for August 2, Ilinden – Republic Day.

Pendarovski devoted most of his address to the youth as a key link in society, who, as he said, have become an endangered minority due to emigration. Pendarovski called on all political actors to get involved in the implementation of the European reforms which, according to him, will help to motivate young people to stay in the country and get involved in the construction of a European Macedonia.

“It should be clear to us that there is no good alternative for European reforms! External obstacles must not be an alibi for slowing down reforms,” added the head of state.


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