Levica announces a revival of the ideals on which the Republic rests


 At the MechkinKamenmonument on Wednesday, 120 years since the Ilinden Uprising and 79 years since the First Session of ASNOM, a Levicadelegation led by the party leader, prof. Dr. DimitarApasiev, along with MP BorislavKrmov and spokesperson Amar Mecinovikj, laid a wreath of fresh flowers in honor of the Macedonian revolutionaries who gave their lives for the Freedom of the Republic of Macedonia.

“The memory of the Republic Day, and the truth about the first and second Ilinden, cannot die as long as the urge of the Macedonian people to determine their own destiny and defend the State burns. We will once again restore the ideals on which the Republic rests!,” informed opposition party Levica.

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