Serbian President Vučić: We love Macedonians and we love the Macedonian language


I was really delighted this morning when I saw here people from N. Macedonia speaking Macedonian language. We Serbs, as you know, love Macedonians and we love the Macedonian language and we don’t think it doesn’t exist or I don’t know what. On the contrary, we understand the Macedonian language very well, as I know that you also understand and speak the Serbian language. I don’t mind saying that we are not only friends, but that as a nation we have fraternal relations and in any case, I believe that those relations will continue to develop, Serbian President AleksandarVučić said Wednesday after the bilateral meeting with his Macedonian counterpart, President StevoPendarovski at the St.ProhorPchinski monastery.

Pendarovski, who on the occasion of the state holiday the Ilinden Uprising laid flowers in front of the memorial plaque of ASNOM in the monastery St. ProhorPchinski was welcomed by his Serbian colleague Vučić.

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