Democratic Union: Ask for support, don’t run away, don’t hide from the people


Yesterday, the head of state gave speeches on the greatest Macedonian national and state holiday, Ilinden, away from the people, with strong police security and selected guests. There was an attempt to abuse this bright holiday, to urge the people of Ilinden and to the uprising in order to supposedly show courage to change the Constitution, so that Macedonia can start the negotiations for joining the EU, the Democratic Union (DS) said in a press release on Thursday.

“It is very inappropriate to compare with the people of Ilinden or the partisans and appeal to the people, while at the same time running away from them or doing something that 80% of the people do not accept. If you want to lead correct policies and create conditions for a better life for everyone, then hold general elections. Ask for support, don’t run away, don’t hide from the people,” said the DS.

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