Epic drama for paying electricity bills, does the Government guarantee the write-off of debts to thr Slupchane residents?


In the name of democracy and equality, the DUI Government and Minister Bekteshi must announce what was agreed in Slupchane regarding the payment of electricity bills?

Is the Government, which interfered in this debt creditor dispute, a guarantor for the residents of Slupchane that they will receive a debt write-off, or a guarantor for EVN that they will collect the money?

Is the Government a guarantor that Slupchane will receive a guaranteed monthly charge for electricity, as they request from MKD 3,000, regardless of how much is spent?

Maybe the Government will pay the debts of Slupchane residents to a private firm, because the money will eventually be collected anyway?

Will the Government perhaps allow a higher electricity bill at the state level to cover that difference?, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski asked at a press conference on Friday.

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