Over 6,200 pensioners in Kochani demand linear increase in their pensions


The members of the Association of Pensioners in Kochani organized a peaceful protest on Friday and they demanded that instead of the announced percentage, the increase in pensions starting from September should be linear, that is, in an absolute amount of MKD 3,500 each.

It was stressed that there are over 6,200 pensioners in Kochani, and with the percentage increase of 6.8 percent, more than half of them who have a pension lower than 15 thousand denars will be wronged.

“Our goal is to overcome insecurity among pensioners with low pensions. Personally, I have a high pension, but I am looking for a linear increase because even with that I will not lose anything, but in solidarity I will get as much as the other pensioners will get, said Blagoj Bekjarski, a representative of the pensioners in Kochani.



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