SCPC files criminal charges against Merko – he appointed a school principal with falsified documents


The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption said Friday that it will lodge a motion to the Struga Basic Prosecutor’s Office for criminal prosecution of Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko over abuse of office and authority. The SCPC suspects that Merko illegally appointed an acting principal of a primary school in Struga twice, who did not have a university degree or the necessary work experience. The Commission proposed to criminally prosecute the acting principal as well as several other employees who helped her to forge documents that she needed to be elected as principal.

“The mayor, contrary to the law, twice appointed the English teacher as acting principal even though she did not meet the conditions for it. In addition, it did not oblige the school board to make a decision to release a public call for the election of the school’s principal,” said Shemsi Salai, the spokesperson on this matter.

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