ERC: Renewable energy power plants can generate electricity to 120,000 households


The new renewable energy power plants constructed over the past 19 months can provide electricity to nearly 120,000 households, according to the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission (ERC).

The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission issued licences for 605 power plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources from January 2022 through July 2023, with a total installed capacity of about 316,4 MW.

“The total power of the plants that have received licences from the regulatory body is equivalent to the average household consumption in the cities of Ohrid, Tetovo, Kratovo, Krushevo, Kriva Palanka, Sveti Nikola, Resen, Dojran, Debar, Vinica, Struga, Negotino, Gevgelija and Veles. It is clean green energy from the sun, wind, water and biogas,” said ERC head Marko Bislimoski.

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