Health system should be restarted as soon as possible, 7 years late with the establishment of a positive list commission, says VMRO-DPMNE


Instead of a new and modern positive list of drugs, these days the fourth Minister of Health in the Government of SDSM and DUI triumphantly announced that there is a date for a new Commission on positive lists, said the chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Health Commission Igor Nikolov at a press conference on Saturday.

“One thing is clear, in 7 years, this Government has completely lost touch with reality. Instead of deceiving the public, the authorities should get down to business and respect the principle of transparency, which they are obviously not very interested in. Meanwhile, they have completely forgotten the promises they made regarding medicines, namely, regular updating of a new positive list, medicine at any time for every patient, regular supply of quality medicines for 44,000 insulin-dependent patients,” said Nikolov.


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