Appellate Court reduced the prison sentence from 18 to 10 years for the driver who killed a child in Veles


The Appellate Court – Skopje reduced the prison sentence from 18 to eight years for the driver Angelche Nikolov (28) from Veles, the Basic Court of Veles has confirmed.
On December 17, 2022, Nikolov while driving under the influence of alcohol killed an 11-year-old girl on a pedestrian crossing in Veles and fled the crime scene.
The first-instance verdict was pronounced in the Basic Court of Veles by the five-member Criminal Council, presided over by Judge Gabriela Gajdova.
Nikolov was tried for two crimes “Serious crimes against the safety of people” and for “Failure to render aid to a person injured in a traffic accident”. The girl’s mother was also seriously injured. At the time he was driving the Mercedes, he was prohibited from driving a vehicle.

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