Pavle Trajanov demands resignations from the Government because there are no negotiations with the EU and the opening of the clusters


Bujar Osmani confirmed that the deadline for constitutional changes is not November, as the citizens, the media, the Parliament, the USA and our other partners and supporters lied to all year long. This means that there is no formal start of the negotiations with the EU and the opening of the clusters, says DS leader Pavle Trajanov.

“For a year, Kovachevski, Marichikj and Osmani lied, manipulated and exerted unprecedented pressure for constitutional changes and incorporation of Bulgarians into the Constitution, as a prerequisite for starting negotiations with the EU, as the only prerequisite, but Bujar Osmani publicly admitted that the deadline is until the end of the mandate of this Government, i.e. until June 2024. After such a fiasco, the only thing left is responsibility, resignation of the Government and early parliamentary elections. My advice for them is to resign,” Trajanov pointed out.


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