VMRO-DPMNE: Due to such verdicts as for the 11-year-old Magdalena, the judiciary of SDS and DUI has 1% trust from the citizens


The reversal of the verdict from 18 years in prison, to 8 years, by the Appellate Court for Nikolov, who ran over little Magdalena in Veles and injured her mother, is, to say the least, a shame for the state and the judiciary, which no longer has even 1% trust among citizens.

As mitigating circumstances, the court stated that the person who committed this act was young and unmarried.

“The question is how extenuating circumstances are a person who drives under the influence of alcohol, runs over a little girl on a pedestrian crossing, also injures her mother and does not stop, does not offer first aid, but rather flees the scene, where the police are looking for him for several days?,” stressed the largest opposition party.


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