Twenty-two years since ten army reservists were killed near Karpalak


In Prilep and in the Karpalak area, will be marked 22 years on Tuesday since the death of army reservists: Sasho Kitanoski, Nane Naumoski, Branko Sekuloski, Marko Despotoski, Erdovan Shabanoski, Ljube Grujoski, Darko Veljanoski, Vebi Rushitoski, Goran Minoski and Pece Sekuloski.

High state delegations will pay their respects by laying fresh flowers.

The Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska and the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant Colonel General Vasko Gjurchinovski will lead the delegation from the Ministry of Defense and the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia that will lay a wreath at Karpalak in memory of the defenders.



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