MTLP denies that the pension fund is in crisis, they claim that the transfers to PIOM are timely and reliable


The ministry denies and rejects the claims that the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIOM) is in crisis and the state is late with payments to the banks. In the past years, there has not been a single day of delay in the payment of pensions. Transfers to PIOM are timely and reliable, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the first early payment of pensions began, the Ministry of Labor & Social Policy said on Wednesday.

With the latest legal changes from March 2022 and the introduction of the new way of adjusting the pension, with a combined model of a 50% increase in the average salary and a 50% increase in the cost of living, pensions have grown by about 21%. The first adjustment in September 2022 was 6.8%, the second in March 2023 – 8.4% and the current projection for September 2023 – at least 6%. None of these increases threatened the stability of the Fund, nor disturbed the regular payment of pensions.

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