Stoilkovski: Did Frchkoski, with his recognizable wordplay, tell Kovachevski last September that he would not return $4,000,000?


For more than a week, Kovachevski and Osmani have been hiding what is happening with $4,000,000 in the account of the Frchkoski Mission in New York? As a reminder, money was transferred to the mission’s account from the division from the sale of SFRY property, it was transferred last year, after the sale in September. Since then, on two occasions, in December of last year and in June of this year, Frchkoski as ambassador receives official instructions to return the money to Macedonia’s budget, but he does not do that!?

“There is still no answer, how is it possible that an ambassador does not follow instructions and remain unpunished for it? How is it possible that he does not return money to the citizens in the budget?” the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE NaumStoilkovski told a press briefing on Wednesday.

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