PHOTO I Mother wanted to smuggle her daughter to Medjitlija in the trunk of a car


Customs officials at the Medjitlija border crossing prevented an attempt to illegally transfer an undeclared person into the country, after a mother from the South African Republic tried to transfer her daughter in the trunk of a rented vehicle with Macedonian license plates.

“On Monday, August 7, at the entrance to the country, a citizen of the South African Republic with the initials C.L.R. (57) came to the border crossing with Greece in Bitola as the driver of the rented car. When asked by the customs officer if she had anything to declare for customs control, the person replied that she had nothing to declare. The customs officer became suspicious of the statement and decided to perform a physical control of the vehicle, whereupon he found an undeclared person in the trunk of the vehicle. By checking the travel document, it was determined that she is a citizen of the South African Republic with the initials C.D.J. (23),” informed the Customs Administration.


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