Butel municipality to build a monument for the defenders who died at Ljubotenski Bachila


The Mayor of the municipality of Butel, Darko Kostovski, in an interview with Alfa TV spoke about the construction of a monument for the eight heroes who lost their lives in 2001 and stressed that the monument should be built in a prominent place, that is, on the roundabout in Butel.
“Since it is in a visible place, that is the most important thing, there is also a roundabout nearby, vehicles move closer, which means it will be literally in a visible place, and it is somehow at the entrance of the municipality, which is also very important and everyone will be able to citizens who visit this beautiful Butel municipality to see this monument, which will finally be a dignified solution for the 8 dead heroes, defenders who lost their lives in 2001 near Ljubotenski Bachila,” said Mayor Kostovski.

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